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Life in a co-working space is ever changing by nature. One of the highlights is the lovely new faces we see popping up in our space and getting to know the newest members of our community. It’s so easy to talk in broad terms about organisations, but at LAB, we want to know more about what drives the people we work alongside, and what it actually is that they do all day! We sat down with our newest residents, MyBnk, to find out.

Name: Steve Korris and Josh Rigby-Farrell

Organisation Name: MyBnk

Organisation Age: 11 years

Lab: So who are MyBnk in a nutshell, for those who’ve never heard of you?

Steve: “MyBnk is an education charity helping young people to manage money. At the core is the drive to deliver high quality, impactful programs that are relevant and engaging. We help young people aged 7-25, starting with an Early Intervention Primary School program, which focusses on formation and habit. Then we look at financial structures and terminology in a Secondary School education program, and for people aged 16-25, we look at more vulnerable or at-risk people like care leavers, young parents and young renters. At present we are reaching and helping around 33,000 young people every year.”

Lab: What personally inspires you, and drives you to do the work that you do?

Steve: “What drives me to work for MyBnk is that I see a real need for this kind of financial education on the ground. Young people, especially those who are vulnerable, can’t always manage the financial landscape well, so there’s a real social need. It also adheres to my personal values, delivering high quality and high impact work, and it’s great to see that impact in real outcomes through our impact reporting.”

Josh: “Yeah, I definitely feel as though I’m in the same boat. I’m from a background of delivering informal workshops. There are so many things that young people don’t engage in, and I want to give people the skills to be inspired, and different ways to be creative. I also find that MyBnk has goals similar to my own. I want to get people on the right track and improve lives.”

Lab: So what exactly is it that you do all day?

Steve: “Actually, a lot of what we do is direct delivery in schools; we go out and meet groups and deliver the programs. Other than that, we try and network with community groups, to grow MyBnk in the North West. We also do a lot of professional development to make sure that we keep delivering high impact work.”

Josh: “We also do admin work, and evaluations.”

Steve: “Yeah, and that’s definitely going to increase. We basically are trying to grow MyBnk in the North West.”

Lab: Sounds great, and busy! So, as one of our lovely new members, I’m curious about what drew you to LAB?:

Steve: “Can I be honest? There are a lot of co-working spaces in Liverpool, so I made a list starting with the cheapest space and made appointments to work my way up the list to the most expensive. The cheapest option was definitely cheap, but in a buckets in the corner collecting drips way. LAB was next on my list, and it was cheap, the space was nice, it had everything we needed. So we didn’t even bother looking at the other spaces! It’s a nice environment and really well connected, as well as being good value.”

Lab: Do you feel welcomed? So far so good?

Steve: “Oh, yeah, of course, everyone is nice, it’s a good environment.”

Josh: “Yeah, I’ve felt really welcomed. I’ve had a chat with a few people while we make coffee, it’s been really good.”

Lab: That’s great to hear. Final question- what are your goals while you’re here at LAB?:

Steve: “Oh, um. Should I talk about the next year, or two years? We’ll go with year! In the next year, we just want to further grow our operations in the North West, really get people to know what we do. And obviously we want to maintain the high quality and high impact results!”

So there we have it. MyBnk, our latest LAB residents, in a nutshell. We wish Steve and Josh all the best with us, and for their growth plans!

Their website and Twitter handle are below if you want to check out any more of what they’re doing. If you know of a school or youth organisation which would benefit from financial education workshops for their young people, contact steve@mybnk.org. Sessions are funded. https://www.mybnk.org/ @MyBnk

Want to be the newest LAB resident? Get in touch at liz@labliverpool.co.uk to secure your free trial day with us!

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