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This week, LAB is doing our blog a little differently. Rather than sitting down with a new member, Jasmin our amazing Erasmus Plus Intern is introducing herself to you all in her own words. We’re sure you’re going to adore her as much as we do!

Hi, I’m Jasmin and I’m from Germany. I will spend two months at LAB by Capacity and I’m really happy about this opportunity. Back in Germany I’m doing an apprenticeship as a IT-specialist for system integration. So my specialty is more in the hardware area than in the software area. Nevertheless, I programmed a little bit with arduinos and Java in high-school and also during my apprenticeship. I also want to learn Python one day because I think it’s very helpful.
During my time at LAB I will provide you IT support and I want to create a workshop about eco-friendly working. If you want to join in, just ask me and I can give you some more details.
So – who am I? I’m a 22 year-old woman who loves to read and learn more things. I like to have conversations with other people and learn more about them and their culture,  thoughts and interests. I also like to run workshops about topics that I really passionate about. I like being creative and l’m living a life full of adventures. I want to travel the world, get to know people, want to learn more about techniques but also about handcrafting things like building  things with wood or knitting my own blanket.
One thing I do every day is cooking. I love to experiment with different tastes and spices. And my family in Germany said they are also missing my biscuits.
One thing I love even more here in the UK is tea! I usually drink tea only in winter but here I drink tea everyday no matter what the weather is. One thing I was a little bit curious about, was having milk in my tea but WOW – that’s so good! Thank you for showing me this. I couldn’t live without it anymore.
Back to my technical specialty – the first person who realized that I’m good at computers was my high-school teacher in Germany. I didn’t realize that, he just offered me to do things. He was like “Hey, Jasmin – do you want to join the homepage class” and that’s how I became the first independent administrator for our school website. I didn’t know I could do this. I thought I’m bad at this but my teacher believed in me and just kept on giving me more tasks. His trust in my abilities made me confident and so I started to run my first workshop with help of two classmates. This workshop was about programming with arduinos. After getting my a-levels I gave more workshops, especially for children together with the German company “Junge Tüftler gGmbH”. I loved this work and I wanted to do this forever but I knew that I have to grow to become a better teacher one day, so I decided to do this apprenticeship to get more professional. And here I am – still learning, still growing, don’t know what exactly will coming next but it will definitely be good.

To take part in Jasmin’s workshop on eco-friendly working, keep an eye on our social media page or get in touch with her directly at jasmin@labliverpool.co.uk

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