The Benefits of Mentoring

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Top Benefits of Mentoring

Mentoring, coaching, business support and advice. It all means more or less the same thing; getting external advice from someone with regards to your business. When you think about mentoring, it can be tempting to go straight to the image of an old, wise mentor, teaching their young protégée, but mentoring doesn’t have to be that way!

It isn’t just the young and inexperienced that can benefit from a mentor; whether you’re new to the world of business, or you’ve been running your own company for years, everyone can benefit from knowledge gained from other people’s experiences. Here’s why we think that mentoring is such an amazing thing to get involved in:


  1. Everyone’s experience is different! Every business will encounter unique problems, and come up with unique solutions. This includes your mentor- they might be able to provide you with a fresh perspective that will help you reimagine your approach!
  2. Your mentor will become part of your own network. A good mentoring relationship is about more than imparting advice, it’s about getting to know each other; they can become a lasting part of your business network for years to come
  3. With loads of experience under their belt, it’s likely your mentor has seen a lot of the problems you might face already, and found a solution. Your mentor might already know the answer to a question when you’re struggling!
  4. When you ask for advice within your company, or from family and friends, it will always be influenced by their personal relationship to you or your business. External advice can be just the fresh pair of eyes you need to move past a problem or make a tough decision
  5. Not only will your mentor become part of your business network, but they might share their network with you. Your mentor might know the perfect person to put you in touch with, or introduce you to loads more amazing people.
  6. As your mentor becomes someone you trust, they will be a great person to vent your frustrations to. Not only will venting allow you to get your frustration out of your system, your mentor may be able to help you see the problem in a clearer way.
  7. Improving key skills; if you know an area of weakness, or your mentor identifies one, they can help you build on key skills in a very practical, real sense.

Mentoring is such an amazing opportunity for both the mentor and the mentee. Mentoring shouldn’t be a one way relationship, that’s why at LAB we work with you encourage mentorship opportunities that look a little different. We match you with individuals in your industry, area of interest, or just someone who would be beneficial to know. Once we’ve introduced you, the relationship continues without the rigid learning structures of many mentorship programs, you are free to develop your relationship with your mentor in the way that suits you most- not according to a pre-designed structure; that’s what makes us unique!

With so many benefits, it’ definitely worth considering whether mentoring is right for your business! If you want to know more about LAB, and our unique business mentoring program, then just email  for more information.

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