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Are you struggling to be an awesome parent whilst working from home? Is working from home as good as expected, or are you settling because you feel guilty leaving the children at home. Work life balance can be tricky to get right. Working an average of 40 hours a week can be exhausting enough without the added stress of parenting. When you spend time with your children you want them to remember you for all the fun games you shared, not the business calls you took. However there is a solution; coworking spaces can be really beneficial for parents who work from home but don’t have the resources of a home office … here is why you should consider a coworking space.



#1 Children


As parents we never want to miss out on our children growing up, but it is also important to have time alone to work. Working from home can be extremely difficult with children shouting for attention. It can be frustrating trying to have an important business call whilst your child cries in the background. However, in order to take advantage of a coworking space, you may have to find a babysitter for your child(ren) at home. Luckily, childcare doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to find. You can easily find an affordable babysitter through Babysits. You can filter the type of babysitter that suits your needs and this allows you to choose a babysitter within your budget that matches your needs regarding experience. The Babysits platform allows you the flexibility to choose a babysitter that can work with your schedule. So with Babysits you now have the freedom to go to work guilt free, knowing you have hand picked the perfect babysitter.



#2 Community


It is so important for our health to interact with others. Working from home everyday can lead to isolation and loneliness. On the other hand a co-working space creates a sense of community. Every day you work alongside like minded people with different cultures and experiences. This kind of environment promotes creativity and development and being around other hard working people helps maintain accountability. All in all there is no substitute for a vibrant and lively work environment.


#3 Ergonomics


Does your home have a fully furnished office? If not, Lab by Capacity can provide you with an office which caters to all your needs. Enjoy comfortable chairs and desks which make it easier to sit at your computer and focus on your work. Studies show the more comfortable you are, the more productive you will be. Don’t let your back pain get in the way of your success. Unless you are prepared to shell out for the expense of a new office you could end up sitting on a stiff kitchen chair everyday. Not exactly ideal!


#4 Wifi


Not everyone has access to high speed broadband from home. Co-working spaces provide constant wifi to keep you busy every day without the fear of going over your limit. Every day brings a new set of tasks and with a co-working space you can now be prepared to download large files or make a video call with customers at all times. Working in a co-working space eliminates the chance of your wifi disconnecting. Whilst working at home if your wifi disconnects it may take hours or days to resolve, whereas in a co-working space it will be resolved asap.



Working from home can be great but if you want to take your career to the next level, consider a co-working space. The combination of a great babysitter and an active working environment could be the ticket to your success.

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