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Impackt self-identify as an ‘adaptive design and print management agency’; acting as the creative link between global design and print production. Their capabilities stretch from design adaptation and activation, to managing photoshoots and competitively sourcing print and packaging solutions. Additionally, Impackt creates in-store activation, develops point-of-sale and manufactures small or large quantities of colour correct mock-up samples to help promote any new product launch or promotional campaign.

Impackt was born four years ago out of 1HQ, their strategic design sister agency based in Windsor. 1HQ wanted to expand into the adaptive space and decided that Liverpool would be the best place for them to cultivate cutting-edge design and best capture their global markets.

Impackt have been based at the LAB site for about three years and they were one of the very first fixed desk (‘LAB FIX’) companies. They were attracted to the central location, facilities such as free event space and the friendly co-working atmosphere.

Impackt have had a very busy year and fortunately, the facilities at LAB are flexible enough to easily accommodate a growing team without disruption to their productivity.

A major project launched in-store only last week with Arden & Amici, a fine foods manufacturer who re-launched their Italian sweet biscuit range as part of Waitrose’s ‘Taste of the Med’ summer campaign.
Following the success of this work, Impackt are currently working on a winter design range to reimagine the Arden & Amici products for Christmas.

Product range for Arden & Amici

The finished product looking very tempting








Impressively, they also created over 80 new designs for the American beauty brand St. Ives. This volume of work and the brand consistency it brings, demonstrates the confidence that a large company like Unilever has in Impackt.

If you’d like to get in touch with them, contact the Managing Director, Peter, at peter.hazon@impackt.co.uk or go to their website www.impackt.co.uk.

If you like the sound of LAB’s co-working space, drop us a line at hello@labliverpool.co.uk or sign up for your free trial day at labliverpool.co.uk/free-trial-day.

All hands on deck: Michelle prepping the food for the photoshoot!

Impackt’s Creative Director, Ben, capturing the finished product

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