Meet the Interns: Week Seven

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Find out the latest from our interns from the University of Liverpool. The University offers summer internships to their students to help them gain valuable skills and experience. Read more about the summer internship scheme here. Each week we will be hearing a roundup from our interns on what they have learnt at LAB and how they’ve been getting on.

Meet Aliema 

International Politics at University of Liverpool

Community Manager intern at LAB by Capacity


It is my second-to-last week in LAB. I can honestly say this has been such an amazing experience! I love working here and I have fitted in well. As I have emphasised before, in LAB it feels like we are all a big family. I feel like when one needs help, another should provide if possible. At LAB everyone’s always happy to help each other out. For example, this week a staff member was off and Chris was alone working. I had only came in for half a shift as I had booked it off. I ended up working a normal shift as I knew I could delay my plans and help Chris out. I feel like when you’re working, sometimes situations will arise like this where you will have to work over your allocated hours for the greater good of the business. I will be more than happy to help out any of my colleagues because I know they’d do the same for me.

This week LAB had a full on spring cleaning by Amee and I. Never would I have imagined I would be cleaning but presentation of LAB’s space is important to us and especially for the members as it is a big selling point. It was a really fun task!

Meet Amee

Sociology & Business at University of Liverpool

Events Coordinator intern at LAB by Capacity


I have finally resolved the bin situation and have posted them back to the seller! I brought Radley (my dog) into work yesterday and it started off really well, until I had to take him home because he was sick! Me and Aliema also spent most of Friday cleaning out the kitchen, fully emptying all the cupboards and reorganising and cleaning everything. I even emptied the whole stock room, and reorganised it and tidied it, so that now, a small, cramped cupboard that was barely accessible, has been turned in to a neat and organised walk in stock room! It was very therapeutic tidying up and it was a nice change from the computer based work we have been doing. I’m really excited for the social next week as it will be our last day here at LAB, and we will definitely enjoy ourselves!

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