Meet the Interns: Week Eight

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Find out the latest from our interns from the University of Liverpool. The University offers summer internships to their students to help them gain valuable skills and experience. Read more about the summer internship scheme here. Each week we will be hearing a roundup from our interns on what they have learnt at LAB and how they’ve been getting on.

Meet Aliema 

International Politics at University of Liverpool

Community Manager intern at LAB by Capacity

I am finally at the end of my internship at LAB! I can honestly say it has been one of the best experiences I’ve had. I am grateful for my university placement tutor ,Jason, for offering me this opportunity to work in LAB. I would like to thank Georgina and Chris for being the best colleagues I have ever had. They both have made my time very enjoyable and they are both such kind, inspirational individuals. I am glad I have met them both and I will always keep contact with them.

So what are the 5 things I have learnt from this internship? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

  1. I have learnt that flexibility is such a key skill when it comes to a new job, not everything will go as originally planned. I have been placed in situations which I have had to work around. It can be quite challenging but with an open mind and patience, unfamiliar situations are now much easier to handle.
  2. I have learnt the importance of networking. I have met such amazing individuals in LAB that carry the same passions as I do. I look forward to keeping in contact with them in the future. You never know when you might need someone in the future or they might even need you!
  3. I have learnt to take more pride in presentation of a workplace. I enjoyed keeping LAB clean and tidy. It was always fun giving LAB a spring clean.
  4. My commercial awareness has improved during my time at LAB. I have been placed in situations where I had to give people a tour of LAB at very short notice and received great feedback. Yay!
  5. I have improved my social media marketing skills.  I have taken control over LAB’s Instagram and Twitter and I now feel much more confidence in producing content.

On a last note, LAB is such an amazing co-working space and I recommend it to all. Hopefully, I will be back one day soon.


Meet Amee

Sociology & Business at University of Liverpool

Events Coordinator intern at LAB by Capacity


I can’t believe it is mine and Aliema’s last day here at LAB, it has gone so quick but also feels like it has been forever, because were so comfortable here! I have only been in 3 times this week because of being based in University on Monday and Friday. On Tuesday, I did the open shift, which is always fun, as setting up and seeing everyone coming in ready to start a productive day. On Wednesday, we had a round table meeting in the events space by the National Housing Federation, so we spent most of the day prepping for this. We set up the chairs and went shopping for nibbles and snacks to accompany the tea and coffee we were providing as usual. We also has a visit from Jason from the University, who was coming to see how we had gotten along in the internship, and to watch us in action. Thursday was probably the most exciting day as I spent a lot of time planning and organising for our last day party in the events space, we had pizza from Ottos, and I made sure that we had a fair amount of meat options, as well as a vegan and veggie option. This was done though a learning experience, as the last time I organised catering, when I asked some guests for feedback, they said they would have liked a larger amount of meat options. Learning experiences have been really good in this internship, I now feel much more prepared for the workplace! It’s exciting to get everyone together to have the social event but also because it’s a perfect and fun way to say our farewells!

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